Schlage Lock Community Involvement Web Site

Welcome to the Schlage Lock Community Involvement Web Site
This site provides information to the public about the history, current developments, and remediation of the solvent (PCE) release at the Schlage Lock facility in Security, Colorado. The Questions and Answers page provides answers to frequently asked questions. The Current Developments page summarizes the latest developments. The History page contains information on the history of investigation/remediation at the site. There is also a page to highlight some of Schlage's excellent record of Community Service.
Schlage Lock is committed to protecting the environment and supporting the community. To review documents regarding the Schlage site, a Document Repository has been established at the Security Public Library located at 715 Aspen Drive, Security, Colorado 80911. For a list of the technical documents archived in the Security Library, click here. Or you may contact Colleen Brisnehan, Project Manager, or Jeannine Natterman, Community Involvement Specialist at the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, at (888) 569-1831 ext 3357 or 3303, respectively. Click here to view a fact sheet prepared by the state health department.
If you have any questions or would like to be added to the project mailing list, please send us an email or call Paul Monteleone, Plant Manager for Schlage Lock, at (719) 896-3002.
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